When practicing endurance sports, the body needs enough energy to provide the required effort. It is therefore essential to have a balanced diet and adopt healthy habits . Combine several foods to achieve performance to meet your expectations and expectations. What will boost your organization and meet new personal challenges!

Bet on complex carbohydrates for energy during physical exertion

Carbohydrates called complex have a low glycemic index which, unlike those who have a high, do not promote the storage of fat in the body. They are absorbed more slowly by the body and allow to be more enduring. To enjoy the benefits of these nutrients on your body , be sure to consume cereal products made from whole grains such as oatmeal, basmati rice, wholemeal bread or pasta. All that is legumes (lentils, beans, chickpeas , etc.) is also full of good carbs . Also enjoy vegetables.All contain fiber, vitamins, mineralsand antioxidants necessary for the proper functioning of your muscles.

Consume lipids to spin the machine

Lipids are even more important because 1 g provides 9 calories. They are also responsible for the proper path of vitamins in our body. Monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids are particularly recommended when playing sports. It is found in nuts (walnuts, pecans, almonds, hazelnuts, etc.) , avocados or vegetable oils (rapeseed, flax, olive oil or sesame for example). Fish (salmon, herring, mackerel or sardines) are also recommended.

Promote proteins to recover

In sports that require endurance, it is necessary to consume enough protein, whether animal and / or vegetable. These promote physical and muscular recovery after a race for example or an intense and sustained effort. You will find it in eggs or in milk or chicken breast.

Sample menu for a sportsman

If you are used to playing sports, here is a menu idea to support the effort.

For breakfast :

1 seasonal fruit (orange, kiwi, strawberries) + 1 dairy (yogurt or cottage cheese) + 1 cereal product (1 slice of wholemeal bread or oat flakes)

For the lunch :

  • Starter: Canned raw vegetables and sardines or avocado
  • Dish: Seared Cod and Lentil Salad
  • Dessert: White cheese and some nuts or almonds

For lunch :

  • Starter: Rice salad, tuna, egg, tomato, corn
  • Dish: Chicken breast and green beans
  • Dessert: A compote

In short, it is useless to hope to achieve a good performance without adapting its diet.

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