In gyms, people who train to gain muscle mass usually follow the same training, year after year, without varying too much.

Simply depending on the phase in which they are, they can decrease repetitions a little or increase them to add a greater metabolic expense and therefore burn more fat, this usually happens in the periods of definition.

What problems can not give me periodize?

As you can see, not periodizing will lead us to a rapid physical stagnation around the increase in performance and muscular and mental mass , due to boredom, thus causing the athlete’s demotivation, something very important.

training periodization to gain muscle mass

In addition, always training in the Flow Fusion same way will compromise our muscle mass gains since we will skip one of the types of hypertrophy, remember that there are two types, a myofibrillar that increases the size of the fibers of the muscle sarcomere and another sarcoplasmatic, which increases the size of the muscular sarcoplasma .

What is periodization?

Periodization is nothing more than a structuring of training , which can be better or worse, this structure is divided into a kind of blocks in which we can vary different factors such as the frequency and volume of training .

Periodization in bodybuilding to gain muscle mass

It is the best known and used mostly by powerlifters, it is based on the fact that, within a period of time, we start with a very high training volume but with a very low intensity, as the weeks go by, we decrease the volume to please increase the intensity, all quite simple.

An example can be for example a linear periodization of 16 weeks, we will start with a range of about 12-15 repetitions, and we will go down until we end up doing doubles and singles, that is, 1 and 2 repetitions, once this period is over, we rest a couple of weeks and we repeat but with more weight.

The problem with this is that we are leaving aside other motor skills, for example we start training hypertrophy but no strength and we end up training only strength but no hypetrophy , and the abilities that we do not train , we lose them, this means that when we train hypertrophy we lose strength, and when we train strength we lose muscle mass, and the latter is something unthinkable for any bodybuilder that boasts, since the maximum development of muscle mass is sought.

However doing shorter cycles, about 6-8 weeks instead of 12-16, we can solve this, and this is what is usually used in the most modern training approaches.

Undulating periodization

It is a linear but not purely linear periodization, in this we create blocks of 2-3 weeks which we alternate and in each one we train a different motor capacity, for example:

  • 2 weeks hypertrophy-strength
  • 2 weeks pure strength
  • 2 weeks pure hypertrophy
  • We repeat
  • Conjugated Periodization

Without a doubt the most used in modern and the most effective training, here we train ALL the capacities within the same week, for a bodybuilder it would be that within the same week we train strength, force-hypertrophy and pure hypertrophy, it is a kind of periodization undulating but dramatically shortens the period of time in which we “undulate”.

There is another type of conjugated periodization and is to do it within the same training, this means that for example we start with a basic exercise at 3-5 repetitions, that is, strength.

Then we move on to a couple of exercises at 6-8 repetitions, hypertrophy-strength.

And finally we move on to exercises of 10-12 repetitions, hypertrophy.

The first scheme is much better with torso-leg or push-pull routines with a heavy-light scheme, the second is better in divided routines .


Periodizing in the training of a bodybuilder is extremely important if we want to gain the maximum amount of muscle mass in the minimum period of time, also one thing is clear, if we do not get stronger Flow Fusion Reviews by increasing the weight on the bar, we will not gain mass muscle .

It can be a bit messy and that this has been nothing more than a very simple and condensed summary, but however as soon as you take a little practice, it will be impossible to think of a routine without any periodization, so I encourage you to try periodization training systems such as this .

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