Learning to breathe well allows you to develop your performance and increase your endurance . Because of this, the role of breathing is essential when running or any other physical activity. With training and a few tricks, you can breathe easier.

Managing your breathing to increase your amplitude and your breathing capacity

Generally, we breathe naturally by inflating the upper part of our lungs. However, breathing through the belly can store Keto Trim 800 more air in the lungs and therefore feel less breathless. In addition, this way of breathing eliminates toxins more easily and oxygenates the cells better.

To achieve better breathing, it is important to focus on this objective during training. But before, we can start to do it at rest by focusing only on this point. Inhale then through the nose while swelling the belly and then exhale through the mouth, drawing it in as much as possible .

Perform this exercise for 3 minutes, 3 to 4 times a day. Breathing “abdominally” will make it easier for you to run.

The role of breathing to calm down before an event

Before a major running event, you can sometimes feel stressed. The heart rate accelerates and the respiratory rate with it . To calm down, it is therefore important to regain the upper hand. Concentrate and breathe in and out regularly and deeply.

Every day, sitting or lying down, close your eyes and relax all of your muscles. Inhale through the nose, swelling the belly and chest before exhaling through the mouth, relaxing the shoulders.

Perform this method 3 times in a row before breathing normally through your stomach, while breathing out longer and longer (10 breaths).

What is the optimal respiratory rate for running?

We speak of respiratory rate to mean the number of breaths and exhalations per minute. For efforts on training or competition distances of 5 to 15 km, the optimal respiratory rate is 45 movements per minute . If we consider that the ideal running cadence is 180 steps per min , the respiratory rate therefore corresponds to an inspiration every two steps and an expiration every two steps.

By learning to breathe better Keto Trim 800 Reviews as well as to run well, you increase your physical performance. A sport like yoga allows you to focus on your breath and can therefore be beneficial to those who practice running.

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