Playing sports at home sometimes requires a little space and especially investment. This is not the case here because, to strengthen your glutes , a material as simple as an elastic can really work wonders. Here’s how to optimize this small gym accessory so discreet.

How to build his buttocks with a simple elastic?

It is true that it does not look and sometimes, we can even ask the question of its legitimacy in a program of bodybuilding and yet, many are the athletes who swear by him in the gym . Because of the resistance that it creates in strategic places, at the level of the legs in the case which interests us, the elastic makes doubly work some muscles.

Some specific exercises will allow you to draw dream glutes in the heart of your silhouette . How long ? The before after will be impressive in just a few weeks. Man, woman, everyone wins!

Example 1: Basin uplift

For this exercise, you must install a gym mat on the floor and lie on your back . You then place your feet flat but close to your buttocks.

Your gym elastic encompasses both your knees which are thus glued against each other. One of your hands will hold this elastic firmly . When you lift your pelvis, you must, without releasing the elastic, spread your knees. This simple gesture is very effective, you will feel it very quickly.

Exercise 2: Hip abduction

This time, you are in a standing position. Knees slightly bent, you surround your feet with your elastic band . From there, you will rise in rhythm one leg after another on the side. Be careful, the support leg must be firmly on the ground and you must not bend over. This movement will make you work your hips and gluteus maximally effectively.

Exercise 3: Extensions

For a good butt bombshell, it remains to master a last move. You must be on all fours with the elastic always around the ankles. In turn, bring one leg up to the level of your chest.

Recognized benefits

Any athlete accustomed to gyms will tell you, the elastic is an essential element of bodybuilding. With him, you carve a dream body in no time . For this, be sure to be regular in your efforts. Chain sequences of 20 or more movements for about thirty minutes, at least three times a week.

Sometimes advised to the pregnant woman to talk during her pregnancy, the elastic of gym is a very valuable accessory to work effectively at home, the glutes (and the rest of the body!)

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