Lose weight in 10 days is a challenge that requires effort in terms of both diet and physical activity. However, even losing weight, it happens that the arms remain flaccid.

How to lose fat quickly on this part of the body ? It’s simple. By exercising and eating healthier, you can hope to strengthen your upper limbs fairly quickly.

What must be done as a sport to achieve this? What sport program to put in place to effectively slim arms without surgery ? We tell you more.

What sport to naturally slim arms?

Going to the pool once or three times a week for swimming or water aerobics offers the chance to work the arm muscles gently.

The pressure exerted by the water makes the movements even more difficult to achieve in the case of water aerobics which promotes the work and therefore the bodybuilding of this particular area.

Lose arms with or without dumbbells with easy exercises at home

In addition to going to the swimming pool every week, it is advisable to set up a slimming program via daily exercises. Depending on your goals and level, you can perform these movements with or without dumbbells . Of course, pumps are some of the best solutions but there are some more simple ones.

Exercise 1 :

Stand with your legs apart from your hips, your arms extended to the left and right of your body, the back of your hands to your thighs. Your knees are slightly bent . With a dumbbell in each hand (or without), fold your arm so your hands touch your arms. 5 sets of 10 movements.

Exercise 2:

Stand with your legs apart from hip width, knees bent, arms extended to the left and right of your body . Come place them in front of your bust and perform scissor movements. Do 5 sets of 20 moves.

Exercise 3:

Stand upright, feet apart from hip width , bust slightly forward. Your arms are hanging on either side of your body, your palms are facing your body. Fold your arms slightly and pull them backwards. Do 5 sets of 20 moves.

Exercise 4:

Fold your arms and place them in front of you, so that your elbows are at the height of your chest . Raise your arms above your head. Do 5 sets of 15 moves.

To see the progress and follow the evolution before after, take regular measurements of your turns of arms. In just 10 days, you will already have firmer arms.

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