The Japanese have understood everything! Food based on fish, especially semi-cooked fish is excellent for health. Tuna en papillote or plancha  goes well with exotic flavors and can help you lose weight.

Semi-cooked tuna, a calorie food?

Tuna is not a lean food. There are 184 calories per 100 grams of this fish, barely less than in fresh salmon. It is far from the least caloric fish . For example, whiting contains 130 and sea bream 77.

But even if it is one of the Slimphoria Keto fattest fish ( it is still less so than mackerel ), there is no reason to sulk it. Half-cooked, we like its melting and firm texture at the same time. As an accompaniment , we choose vegetables sautéed in a wok and a green salad to balance everything . If you are pregnant , however, it is a dish that you should avoid ordering to avoid any risk of toxoplasmosis.

Besides, always order your fish and meat well cooked in the restaurant during pregnancy.

The benefits and harms of semi-cooked tuna

Tuna is an important source of “good fat”, and omega 3 which help prevent cardiovascular disease . When the tuna is cooked completely, these omega partially disappear. Therefore, to take advantage of all these virtues, it is advisable to eat it raw ( in sushi for example ) or semi-cooked, with a virgin sauce or spices.

The ideal cooking time is 5 minutes in total on the barbecue or on the plancha , turning it halfway through cooking. Side harm, there is not really for health but rather for the planet: bluefin tuna is an endangered species, so it should not be eaten at all. As for the yellowfin tuna and the white tuna, these are species particularly victims of industrial overfishing.

To eat more responsibly, buy only fish that have a sustainable fishing label.

Recipe ideas for semi-cooked tuna

The most frequent recipe is that of sesame tuna , from Asia, much appreciated for its crispy side . We dip our pieces of raw fish in a mixture of soy sauce and sesame seeds before grilling : a delight! Another sweet and savory idea: a marinade made from lime , coriander and coconut milk . You can also start preparing yakitori- style tuna skewers .

Imagine original seasonings by SlimPhoria Keto Reviews playing on the mixture of original flavors: balsamic vinegar for a sweet-tart finish , vanilla for a more floral note, pepper for the character.

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