A mixture of dance, Pilates and boxing, Piloxing Barre® comes straight from the United States . Practiced using a classical dance bar, it allows you to spend flexibility and music.

But how many calories can this original sport allow you to burn? With between 400 and 500 kilocalories expended per lesson Nature Crave Keto hour, this new kind of fitness justifies its success!

Piloxing with support: fitness that melts!

A real slimming remedy, Piloxing is the second most effective physical activity for losing weight , just after cross-country skiing.

His secret? Cardio, of course. During a Piloxing session, you do not stop, and the exercises are linked until you lose your breath …

So if you’re looking for the best activity to get back in shape, don’t hesitate to join a Piloxing class.

Other benefits of Piloxing

Piloxing with support really exercises all the muscles, including, thanks to Pilates, the deep muscles . It is therefore an excellent option for maintaining the tone and health of the whole body. Very complete, Piloxing also promotes endurance as well as flexibility, without forgetting work on posture.

Accessible to everyone, this very invigorating physical activity can be practiced at different levels , depending on the limits of each. Without impact or risky movements, it also limits the risk of injury.

On the other hand, Piloxing is a financial investment , because access to a teacher and a dance bar is essential: difficult to progress at home , without advice or encouragement, and above all without being carried by the atmosphere!

How to practice Piloxing Barre® to lose weight?

You will understand: to lose your extra pounds with Piloxing, the first thing to do is to register at the nearest gym.

Then, of course, you will need to practice regularly. The basic rule does not change: as with most sports, two to three weekly Nature Crave Keto Reviews sessions remain a good basis for obtaining and maintaining slimming results.

Besides, don’t rest on your laurels: don’t forget to make the difficulty worse as soon as your level increases! For more toned arms and increased effort , you can wear weighted gloves …

Champion in eliminating unnecessary calories, Piloxing with support is a physical activity to be tested urgently ! We are waiting for your opinions!

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