Learn to prepare sports bars, rich in proteins that are excellent for providing immediate energy and improving your performance when training, whether you do weightlifting or any other discipline for long periods.

High performance athletes, especially when they have to spend more than an hour on their workouts, know that maintaining energy levels at an appropriate rate is vitally important for not having breaks when Shape Health Keto performing their respective routines.

And this is not necessarily a rule that only those who are dedicated to weightlifting should cover, but all athletes in general.

Feeding, of course, is the only method through which we can obtain energy, however, when it comes to making explosive movements in which not only many calories are liked, but the use of several muscle groups is also necessary to At the same time, we must take into account that eating a complete meal that contributes up to 500 calories, for example, is not always recommended.

And it is that putting a heavy meal in your mouth before training can be devastating to perform at your best. The reason for this lies in the fact that foods such as chicken, rice or broccoli are foods that, although easy to prepare, cannot be digested so quickly. In addition to this, the digestion process also requires a lot of energy to be carried out, which means that when training, the body will focus its energies to digest food, while the feeling of heaviness due to These will also be very noticeable.

The perfect solution to these types of problems are the energy bars, but not those that are usually sold industrially by sports or food brands, but those that have a good nutritional value, suitable to provide a good number of calories and micronutrients that are necessary for the body during physical activity. The advantage of these is that we can easily prepare them at home and their digestion time is usually much faster compared to a traditional dish.

These are some recipes that you can prepare at home to make your own sports bar rich in protein and nutrients.

Date and oatmeal sports bar

For this preparation, you will need:

  • 300 grams of dates
  • 2½ cups of oatmeal
  • Honey to taste (optional)

For the elaboration, follow these steps to the letter:

  • From a previous night, place the boneless dates in a bowl with fresh water and let them stand until the next morning.
  • Next, place the dates and the water in a large bowl and with the help of a blender begin to beat until you get a slightly thick paste.
  • As we beat, we can add a certain amount of oatmeal, so that the paste gradually gets its consistency. We do the same with honey, which will give a sweeter touch to the preparation.
  • Once the mixture is finished, place it in a deep bowl and store in the refrigerator for a couple of hours, until it is solidified.
  • We can add crushed oatmeal or nuts to decorate and complement the preparation, Finally we cut the mixture into bars
  • As you can see, it is a fairly easy recipe that you can carry out in minutes and with ingredients that you probably already have at home.

Coconut and oatmeal bars

The necessary ingredients for this sports bar are:

  • 1 cup apricot dried apricots
  • ½ cup peanut peanuts
  • ¾ cup grated coconut
  • ⅓ cup oatmeal
  • 2 tablespoons honey or stevia
  • 2 tablespoon coconut oil or extra virgin olive oil
  • 2 tablespoons of water

For the elaboration, follow these steps to the letter:

Start by cutting the peanuts with the help of a processor so that they are crushed to the point of being ground.

Then add the apricots in the processor and repeat the previous step, although in this case it will not be necessary to grind in its entirety.

Again, place the rest of the ingredients in the processor: grated coconut, sweetener, oatmeal and the chosen oil, trying to whisk properly until it forms a homogeneous paste.

As a next step, take a square rectangular container, then varnish with a little oil or place non-stick paper directly. Add the freshly prepared mixture and distribute with the help of a spatula to cover the entire surface of the container evenly.

To complement, both in flavor and aesthetics, sprinkle the dried apricots and peanuts over the mixture and finally take it to the freezer for about an hour.

Once this time has elapsed or until the mixture is completely uniform, cut it into sticks, according to your preference.

Again it is a recipe that is quite easy to make and does not require much time, so you can prepare it at any time so you never lack energy and quality nutrients when training.

Cornflake Bars

The necessary ingredients for this sports bar are:

  • 9 cups of puffed cornflakes (you can get them in the supermarket, but try not to add sugars)
  • 1 cup honey
  • Stevia to taste
  • 1 cup peanut butter

For the elaboration, follow these steps to the letter:

  1. In a deep pot, add honey, peanut butter and sugar or stevia to taste, leaving to cook over medium heat until you get a completely homogeneous mixture. Even after this result, it is important that it is about to boil.
  2. In a rectangular refractory, place a baking paper, so that it covers the entire surface. On this, you should spread the cornflakes, making sure they have a uniform distribution. With this, drop the freshly boiled mixture on the corn and in the same way, lean on a spoon or spatula to ensure that the entire surface is covered.
  3. Then, take the refractory to the Shape Health Keto Reviews refrigerator for the time necessary for the syrup to solidify. At this point, it may be best to let the mixture cool to room temperature first. After this, put an additional sheet of baking paper on the preparation.
  4. Once the mixture has hardened, remove from the refrigerator along with the paper on top and cut into a stick.

Like the previous preparations, this is very easy to carry out, however, for the ingredients chosen, its consumption is recommended more for runners or endurance athletes, since carbohydrate intake is usually much higher than Protein

In the case of the bars, these can be stored in the refrigerator for a week, although to preserve their texture and flavor, it is recommended to cover them with aluminum foil.

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