The biceps are a very important part of the arm , which although the triceps are smaller than their neighbors , does not mean that it is less important. As the name implies, it has two heads, the long one and the short one, which, depending on the grip we use, will affect one or the other.

Exercise routine for biceps, make them grow like never before

Below you have a brief explanation of various exercises and a bicep routine with these exercises and various high intensity techniques to achieve a good amount of muscle mass in them.

Z-bar bicep curl

If the bench press is the king exercise for the pectoral, and the leg squats, this is for the biceps. For me it is preferable to do it Black Label X Reviews with this type of bar than with the straight one because although with the straight one it is possible to stimulate the forearms to a greater extent, it is much more stressful for the wrists and elbows, in addition to being able to load more weights with the Z bar and stimulate more biceps, which is what we are looking for.curl_biceps_barra_z

Preacher curl

This is what is done by supporting the triceps on a small inclined platform, also known as Curl Scott with bar, by bodybuilder Larry Scott. Get a great recruitment of the bicep fibers and it is very comfortable and simple to do, just do not raise the bar at all, that is, if you raise it until you almost touch your chin, you will make all the weight load your shoulders, losing tension and therefore encouragement.preacher curl

Low pulley curl

Similar to the preacher but it helps to achieve a great congestion, which sometimes becomes even painful, very good exercise for those people who find it difficult to recruit them due to the shoulders, it is also very comfortable for the lower back.low pulley curl

Concentrated curl

My favorite to finish, also a good option to pre-exhaust some slightly dominant arm that is slightly smaller than the dominant one, or to balance both by lowering the intensity of the larger one. Unlike the preacher curl, in this we are interested in getting the most to get a good stimulus.concentrated curl

Biceps workout routine

You can include this day wherever you want, replace it with your previous bicep routine … as you prefer.

Bicep Routine

  • A.Curl with Z bar 4 × 12 – 90 ”- 1 Series descending on the last
  • B.Curl preacher 3 × 15 – 70 ”- 1 break-break series in the last
  • C1.Curl on low pulley 3 × 15 – 0 ”
  • C2.Curl concentrated 3 × 12 – 60 ”


The C is a normal biserie of bicep exercises, the low pulley curl is performed and the concentrated curl is performed without rest, rest 1 minute and start again.

The concentrated curl begins with the arm with less force and size, and then with the other arm the same repetitions are performed with the same weight, to balance them.

For the rest, the explanations about Black Label X what to take into account with the other exercises are already given, so there is nothing left but to try hard and give the maximum in each training of this exercise routine for biceps to get big arms.

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