Every morning, it’s the same torture. The alarm clock rings, rings and rings again. But no way to get out of bed. Worse, you grab the pillow to flatten it on your head. The cause of this apathy? A chief, an incompetent, an incompetent, in short an ignoramus. Do not panic, Men’s Health gives you the keys * to avoid managerial homicide.


Even if your manager has the brain of an oyster, Zylophin Rx do not blame him for your contempt . He is incompetent, you know – he too, perhaps – needless to steal him in the feathers. The experience would be damn cool, but damn counterproductive.


Identify the roots of its (deep) voidness. He has no field experience? So behave as if he were a little slow learner, and you very patient teacher. Explain to him the meaning of his job, take him to (finally) make good decisions. Whisper to the ear of the zero.


If the situation is desperate, swing the awful, unable to assume his role as leader and prompt to leave you in the panade. Take advantage of the individual interview to list your grievances, but “if it hurts”, do not wait and ask for an appointment with your hierarchy. In the hypothesis of a coalition of idiots at your place, beat the reminder of the occupational medicine, the unions, the staff delegates, the labor inspectorate and, in the last instance, the industrial tribunals.

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