Full Body or Split Routine to Lose Weight? both are effective! Far away in the distribution of exercises, their differences diminish when we talk about goals: bodybuilding and weight loss!

Alternating Full Body and Split Routine is ideal for losing weight: when to switch from one to another?

Why choose between the two methods? It is even more difficult that it is not mandatory. It should rather alternate and go from one to the other every 8 to 10 weeks . In Full Body or Split Routine, you may want to choose “poly-joint” (compound) movements rather than “isolation movements” (targeted muscles) for faster development.

The poly-articular solicit several muscles simultaneously and increase the production of anabolic hormones (bench press, dips, etc.). The muscle fibers multiply, becoming thicker and strengthening the muscles while increasing their volume.

Split Routine and Full-body exercises: • For the chest : bench press, incline, dips, pips • For the abs : ground crunch • For the back : supine traction, pronation, wide grip, tight, pull pulley high, pull neck, pull pulley low, bar • For the shoulders : inclined, dumbbell , neck • For the biceps : curl bar, dumbbell , hammer, inclined • For triceps : dumbbell front, kick bar, extension au- top of the head, tight dips • For the thighs, glutes and lumbar :squat bar neck • For lumbar : lumbar bench

Full Body: Pros and Cons

I chose to lose weight and muscle at the same time. Every morning, I do one hour of activities: fixed bar and groundsheet. At home and in the classroom, a Full Body program can be planned over a week, each session is followed by a day off, the weekend being totally free!

The “hardest” work one day out of two and forget the weekend or take the opportunity to do cardio or sheathing with workout street exercises. Disadvantages such as poor posture that causes pain and lack of recovery act like dams delaying your progression and weight loss.

Split Routine: Pros and Cons

A Split Routine program is mainly conceived over 4-5 days with short but frequent training . From 6-7 days, it is the experts who are concerned. In both cases, the intensity of the training must rise gradually to obtain convincing results . “On Tuesday I had planned to muscular pecs and Wednesday shoulders.

I realized that the muscles and joints of my shoulders were suffering on Monday and that the recovery time was not enough to start again the next day. One of the difficulties in Split Routine is not to solicit interactive muscle groups two days in a row; to smooth fatigue and allow real recovery. You must also be vigilant and master the exercises because to be effective, they must be executed in detail.

Split Routine and Full Body: what is it?

The Split Routine divides the body into muscle groups and dedicates specific exercises to each of these groups. In opposition, the Full Body makes it possible to develop the muscles “globally” by performing exercises that shape the musculature as a whole. In Split, a training session for the “legs, back and biceps” group can accentuate the efforts on back muscles : dorsal, trapezius and lumbar, with the same intensity. In Full Body, it would be totally impossible to have this same resistance for all the muscles of the body.

You now know that there is no objection to mixing the Split Routine and the Full Body. Warning ! It is essential to have a healthy, varied and adapted diet to practice body building and accentuate your weight loss!

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