Discover the best fruits you can include in your breakfast to lose weight and also feel better and with more energy for the rest of the day.

Although over time we have been taught that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, in recent years many studies have shown us that fasting can even be more beneficial to start the day with the Super Keto Burn best of forms and obtain great advantages for the organism both physically and physiologically. However, although intermittent fasting is good for cleansing the body, not everyone has a habit of doing this practice for more than 12 hours.

That said, we must be more aware of the foods we eat early in the morning so that the body can take advantage of a greater amount of nutrients and thus allow it to perform better throughout the day.

The consumption of box cereals and other processed foods is clearly not the best option to start the morning at one hundred percent. In this case, the best thing we can do for the body is to feed ourselves with a good amount of natural products that have vitamins and minerals necessary for a good performance of the body.

To do this, what better way to add fruit as part of the meal, which will undoubtedly help us meet the body’s requirements, making us feel better and with more energy for the rest of the day. However and although all fruits are excellent due to their unique properties, we can highlight some that are more ideal to consume in the morning, due to the immense amount of nutrients and therefore, of benefits that will bring us.

  1. Kiwi

When it comes to consuming vitamin C, kiwi is the best option, since it is known that this fruit can provide even twice this vitamin compared to citrus fruits. In addition, it has large amounts of fiber, which will help us achieve a feeling of satiety much faster and for a longer time.

The kiwi, being composed mostly of water, provides approximately 50 calories per piece of average size.

  1. Apples

Well they say that “an apple a day takes us away from the doctor”, and of course, if the properties of this fruit are excellent for improving the body’s defenses, at the same time it can help us lose weight due to the high amounts of fiber it contains.

Among its main advantages we can highlight its versatility for the kitchen, that is, it can be prepared in hundreds of ways so as not to end up bored by consuming it every day. Whether you eat alone or sliced ​​with cinnamon or chili and lemon to enhance the fat burning effect throughout the day.

  1. Citrus

Citrus fruits should not be necessary in any diet, since in addition to their vitamin C intake, they also contain large amounts of fiber and are low in calories, resulting in excellent options to include in a weight loss diet.

The most recommended citrus to eat at the first meal in the morning are grapefruit, oranges or lemon.

  1. Watermelon

Watermelon, although it contains large amounts of sugar, also provides a lot of fiber, so we can include it in our breakfasts without any problem or fear of breaking the diet. It is a diuretic food that will help us expel all the toxins accumulated in the body, improving the defenses of the immune system and making the fat burning process much more effective.

  1. Strawberries

Although its flavor is somewhat peculiar due to the acidity it contains, it has been shown that strawberries provide many benefits for the body. Some of the most notable are its low calorie content, being that in one hundred grams of strawberries we will be consuming approximately 33 calories.

The versatility of strawberries is such that we can accompany them with some oatmeal hotcakes, in smoothies or even add them to the protein shake to enhance the flavor and have a good post-workout taste.

  1. Red fruits and berries

Certainly strawberries could be included in this category, but leaving that behind, the reason why red berries are so recommended is because they contain lush amounts of antioxidants that we will hardly find in common breakfast products.

Like strawberries, they go well as a complement to more complex recipes or to prepare smoothies that will undoubtedly help us achieve our results more optimally.

  1. Melon

Like watermelon, melon can be a bit high in fructose, however, we must keep in mind that the amount of fiber it provides is also high. In the same way, it contains antioxidants and other minerals necessary for the proper functioning of the body.

One of the great advantages of melon is that it provides only 60 calories in a 177 gram serving, so it works as an excellent food to include in our diets to lose weight.

  1. Bananas

Banana DietBananas can provide a higher number of calories compared to the other fruits already mentioned above, however, it is ideal to consume in the morning, especially if we expect a busy day, full of activity. Not surprisingly, it is one of the favorite foods for athletes who are under constant training, as it provides short-term energy, as well as other nutrients (potassium, for example) that improve sports performance, preventing injuries and / or cramps

  1. Pears

The pear is also excellent to include in a balanced breakfast. It provides different nutrients such as vitamin C and E, in addition to potassium. It also has large amounts of fiber, and like other fruits, it is excellent for weight loss since it only contains 80 calories per 150 gram piece.

  1. Avocados

Last but not least, avocados could not be needed in a balanced breakfast. This is because in addition to fiber, they Super Keto Burn Reviews are also rich in healthy fats such as Omega 3, which will help us have a much healthier cardiovascular system.

Among other benefits, it contains twice as much potassium as a banana and is very versatile to include in almost any preparation. However, because its fat content is high, we must be careful with its consumption, since the caloric intake in 100 grams can amount to 160.

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