Help, my boss is a moron

Every morning, it’s the same torture. The alarm clock rings, rings and rings again. But no way to get out of bed. Worse, you grab the pillow to flatten it on your head. The cause of this apathy? A chief, an incompetent, an incompetent, in short an ignoramus. Do not panic, Men’s Health gives you

How to lose weight after 50 years?

When we are over 50, we often have trouble keeping the line, not just the thighs … Following the hormonal changes, your arms took fat, and you would like to refine them quickly? To lose weight where it is needed, and without expensive surgery , test our slimming tips: optimized diet and targeted exercises are

What diet for a sporty man?

When you train regularly, the diet must be balanced to meet the needs of the body, allow him to recover well and avoid all the inconvenience and injury that can cause deficiencies. Men with higher basal metabolism than women need to be sure that caloric intake is adequate. The basics of a sports regime for

How to lose 400 calories a day?

Burning 400 calories a day is an easily attainable goal, by performing exercises and applying tips at home and in the office . Whether you are a man or a woman, think to motivate you that 400 calories spent daily more is a good kilo of lost at the end of the month without a

What sports diet to lose fat?

To lose fat, it is important to adopt the right diet and adapted sports training . Meeting the energy needs of the body while burning fat stores and preserving muscle mass requires changes from breakfast. The main principles of a sports diet burn fat It can never be said enough: the sport itself is much