Difficult to answer this question yes or no. The Top Body Challenge, like other intensive sports programs of the same type, Activate Keto Reviews aim to dry the body for a quick weight loss and a silhouette visibly refined in a few weeks.

During pregnancy, it is advisable to maintain regular physical activity . We can therefore consider starting (or continuing) the Top Body Challenge, provided it is adapted.

What about the Top Body Challenge during pregnancy?

How to adapt such a program to her pregnancy? Which exercises are the most appropriate? How fast can you train? The Top Body Challenge or Bikini Body Guide program consists of 3 intensive sessions a week , which include cardio and relaxation exercises . We can quite maintain this rhythm while adapting the exercises. For example, replace the pumps with side leg lifts, replace the skipping rope with back wrapping , and so on. As the pregnancy progresses, the intensity of the exercises is reduced so that they remain comfortable.

Of course, it is forbidden in this case to follow his progress by photographing his silhouette, as recommended by the program; the TBC must only help to keep fit and not lose weight!

And after pregnancy?

We may be tempted to resume the Top Body Challenge in post pregnancy program, but beware! This type of training is quite traumatic for the joints. Better a smooth recovery of the sport, with soft exercises to strengthen the perineum, as well as activities based on breathing , such as sophrology. You have plenty of time to get back on your feet, ask your doctor first before starting a sporting challenge.

Why play sports when you are pregnant, and until which month?

During all stages of life (except medical exception), it is important to maintain a regular physical activity, not only to maintain its weight of form, but also and especially to stay healthy and prevent the risk of disease.

In early pregnancy, even the most athletic can keep their pace. Beginners, for their part, can get into yoga , swimming, or any sport that will help them maintain and breathe. This will help prevent lower back pain, sleep better, accelerate metabolism and improve intestinal transit.

After the second trimester, we slow down Activate Keto a bit and listen to his body. As soon as the first symptoms of tiredness or shortness of breath appear, the activity is stopped and we are content with some stretching.

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