In men, having muscular and firm arms is very important. So when you go to the room, it is not uncommon to see these gentlemen lift dumbbells to inflate the biscotos . The fact is that there are ways of doing Balanced Max Keto REVIEWS things and exercises that are more effective than others. Whether it’s for the muscles or fitness, the dumbbells can help to make a beautiful silhouette. Here are the top 4 best exercises to do with dumbbells for well rounded biceps.

Hammer taking curls with dumbbells

You can do this exercise sitting or standing according to your preferences. Keep your back straight with a dumbbell in each hand with your arms resting on your body. Keep the upper arm near the torso and raise the dumbbells using only your forearms . On this exercise, you can lift as much weight as you feel capable, being careful of course not to put too much.

The Curl Lectern

It is a very effective exercise since it allows to isolate the biceps. However, you must pay attention to the load you use to avoid injury. In this exercise, the posture is more important than the load. Use either a curl desk or an incline bench for your support . Place your torso firmly against the desk and hold your dumbbell in one hand palm forward, use the other hand as a support. Lower your arm to the maximum and then return it to the starting position. 3 sets of 8 repetitions per arm will suffice.

Opening biceps

Nothing better than this exercise to strengthen the inside of your biceps. Stand upright with the dumbbells on each side of the hips and the legs apart the same width as the hips . Raise the dumbbells to your Balanced Max Keto shoulders simultaneously and return to the starting position smoothly. Do 3 sets of 15 repetitions keeping your back straight throughout the exercise.

The biceps curl alternated

Stand upright with your back straight and your legs apart at hip width . Hold your dumbbells at your thighs palms inwards. Tilt your torso slightly with your back straight and lift the dumbbells one after the other. Make 3 sets of 15 moves.

Muscle biceps is not an easy task, it is a question of will, perseverance and rigor. Accompany these exercises with a balanced diet rich in protein and low in fat and the result will be felt very quickly. Please balance the top and bottom of the body so as not to have an aesthetic imbalance.

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