Banana: a must during the effort?

Banana, a fruit with high energy values , is a favorite food during physical exertion. Favorite fruit of athletes , it has many benefits . Banana and its benefits during a sports activity Protecting against muscle cramps thanks to its potassium intake , banana is a perfect snack for athletes . In addition, this food

What sports diet to promote mass gain?

Muscle uptake is one of the goals of athletes , other than the loss or maintenance of weight. So that mass gain is possible, it is necessary to combine three factors on the nutrition side: a high protein intake, a rate of calories absorbed slightly higher than those spent and a healthy lifestyle to respect.

What sports diet to lose fat?

To lose fat, it is important to adopt the right diet and adapted sports training . Meeting the energy needs of the body while burning fat stores and preserving muscle mass requires changes from breakfast. The main principles of a sports diet burn fat It can never be said enough: the sport itself is much

Sports menu for vegan diet

It is not always easy to follow a vegan diet when you are an athlete . However, it is still impossible. How can you indulge in regular physical activity when you can only eat plants? Is it really feasible? Yes ! The secret is on your plate. Are you looking for a typical menu? You

Top 5 physical exercises burn fat

You have integrated well, a diet alone is not enough to achieve a suitable fitness weight or so the course will be really long and your body will lack firmness. The secret is now known to all: food must go hand in hand with sports. Once this is established, it remains to know which exercises

What daily exercises to refine your figure?

Sport in general can help us refine our silhouette . However, some exercises, some sports practices are more effective than others. What sport exercises for a refined silhouette? “Summer is coming, I must definitely look slimmer. How to lose weight quickly and if possible without too much effort? “. This is the question we ask

Why do not I lose my hips?

“Despite a diet, my hips are still so wide, nothing works! “. This is not the first time this sentence has been spoken. I can not manage to lose weight at all is a problem that many women have already experienced. To be able to solve it, one must first go to its source and