Help, my boss is a moron

Every morning, it’s the same torture. The alarm clock rings, rings and rings again. But no way to get out of bed. Worse, you grab the pillow to flatten it on your head. The cause of this apathy? A chief, an incompetent, an incompetent, in short an ignoramus. Do not panic, Men’s Health gives you

Workout Trainer app: what is it?

Not a day goes by without a new Android app, but there are some that are definitely out of the box. The Workout Trainer app is very popular right now , and for good reason, this little program largely fulfills its personal trainer duties! Concretely Workout Trainer, what is it? Do you want to get

How to fight against oily skin

Dilated pores, shine, acne, blackheads. Oily skin is a concentration of problems that do not only affect teenage girls. What to do? Here are ten tips for treating oily skin. It is not always easy to live with oily or oily skin because it is prone to many imperfections, including shine and the appearance of

How to look perfect skin?

The skin is permanently exposed to external factors, such as weather and environmental pollution: cold, heat, dryness, humidity, air, pollution of cities … And additionally, facial skin is an area very delicate since it presents different changes: it ages, it becomes dehydrated, it wrinkles, it is irritated… For all this, it is not easy to

Full Body or Split Routine to Lose Weight?

Full Body or Split Routine to Lose Weight? both are effective! Far away in the distribution of exercises, their differences diminish when we talk about goals: bodybuilding and weight loss! Alternating Full Body and Split Routine is ideal for losing weight: when to switch from one to another? Why choose between the two methods? It