Beef protein: an ally for bodybuilding

Contrary to what one might think, beef protein is a very recent product for bodybuilding . Indeed, it was developed in order to offer an alternative to existing proteins. It comes in powder or capsules. It already enjoys great popularity but do you really know it? The benefits of beef protein for bodybuilding The biggest

Is breathing important in the practice of running?

Learning to breathe well allows you to develop your performance and increase your endurance . Because of this, the role of breathing is essential when running or any other physical activity. With training and a few tricks, you can breathe easier. Managing your breathing to increase your amplitude and your breathing capacity Generally, we breathe

How many calories are spent with piloxing?

A mixture of dance, Pilates and boxing, Piloxing Barre® comes straight from the United States . Practiced using a classical dance bar, it allows you to spend flexibility and music. But how many calories can this original sport allow you to burn? With between 400 and 500 kilocalories expended per lesson Nature Crave Keto hour,

How many calories in semi-cooked tuna?

The Japanese have understood everything! Food based on fish, especially semi-cooked fish is excellent for health. Tuna en papillote or plancha  goes well with exotic flavors and can help you lose weight. Semi-cooked tuna, a calorie food? Tuna is not a lean food. There are 184 calories per 100 grams of this fish, barely less

Key foods for vegan athletes

Collection of foods rich in protein and other nutrients necessary for all vegan athletes. Although we have already published 10 super foods that will make you gain muscle and strength , many of them are of animal origin, and thinking of those people who do not usually eat meat, we have decided to make a

5 excellent fruits to burn fat

The following fruits are good for health, but thanks to the vitamins and minerals they have also help us burn fat in a very simple way. Surely you have heard a lot of times that eating fruits is very good for your health thanks to the large amount of vitamins Sure Cleanse Keto and minerals